department of metal plastic

Department of metal plastic

The department of metal plastic was formed when two studies of jewellery-smithery and applied sculpture were linked up. There works experienced teachers, famous artists, specialists who teach students of design and costume design specializations. Students can materialize their ideas using various tools in studio.

Beata ZdramytėJuvelyrikos ir kalvystės studijos vadovė
Osvaldas NeniškisManager of study of applied sculpture8-444-75013,

Prof. Vytautas Mockaitis (1958 - 2011)


Born in 1958 in Saulažolių village in district of Klaipėda.
In 1980-1984 studied in Telšiai technicum of applied arts, in section of artistic metal working.
In 1985-1990 studied in Tallinn university of arts (now Estonian Academy of Arts) in department of metal art.
Now lives in Telšiai. Works in VAA Telšiai faculty of arts as a docent and as a manager of department of metal plastic.
Since 1995 is a member of Lithuanian Artists' Association.
In 2005 was given a status of Art creator.
In 1996-1997 worked on probation in Kautokeino (Norway) JUHLS Silvergallery.
Since 2000 a member of International Art Medal Federation (FIDEM)
Since 2005 a honor member of Lithanian blacksmiths' union.
Since 1988 is a regular participant of international camps of medal creators in Telšiai, national and Baltic states medal triennales, FIDEM exhibitions.
In 2008 awarded with individual state's award of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.
Participates in exhibitions, pleners, simposiums, contests in Lithuania and abroad. Organised 14 personal exhibitions participated in about 150 group exhibitions. Published methodical publications: „Amber in applied arts. Designing, morphology, technology“, Vilnius: VAA publishing office 2002; „Technique of enamel in applied arts“, Vilnius: VAA publishing office 2002.
Field of creation: metal plastic, medals, juwellery, sculpture objects, installations; uses iron, nonferrous and precious metals, lens, mirrors, insects, plants and their seeds.
Some works are in Lithuanian and private foreign collections, public places, museums.
Conducts and organises students' exhibitions, contests, pleners and camps. Publishes reviews about students' creation in Lithuanian and foreign press.

More important works: Memento mori with Caberne wine / 2001, Dressing-table with night moth, Mother and son, Live healthy, Flying object with frog, Flying object with slowworm / 2002, sieve, abyss, well / 2005, Observatory / 2007, Water lilies I – V 2008 – 2009, Tryptic Swing 2008.
Medals: J.Dobkevičius 100 years. Designer of airplanes / 2001, S.Darius, S.Girėnas. Conquerors of Atlantic / 2003, Pioneers of film. Auguste and Louis Lumiere, The day of white stick. 15th of october / 2004, World day of Earth. 23th march, Massacre in Rainiai. 1941 06 24 – 25 / 2005, Earth rises in the Moon, Marionette / 2007, Self-portrait, V.Montvydas – Samogitian. The Commander of Samogitians / 2008, Lithuania from bird's eye view / 2008, Lithuania – 1000 years. Lithuania here and now / 2009, First people in the Moon 2009.

Credo: we won't calm down without art!

Prof. Romualdas Inčirauskas

Works of students

Romualdas Inčirauskas was born on 28 August, 1950 in Anyksciai, Lithuania.
1970 - 1974 studies and graduation from Telšiai higher school of applied arts (artistic metalwork).
1974 - 1979 graduated from Tallinn State Applied Art Institute (majoring in artistic metalwork).
He lives in Telšiai.
Works at Telšiai Art Faculty of Vilnius Art Academy.
Since 2002 - assistant professor.
Since 1986, a member of the Lithuanian Artists' Association.
Since 1998, a member of FIDEM (International Medallist’s Federation).
The artistic production encompasses since 1979 - medals, decorative - conceptual metalwork, sculpture and paintig.
Since 1979 he organized more than twenty personal exhibitions. Works acquired by Lithuanian Nacional Museum, National Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis, Maironis Literary Museum, The Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum, Museum of Chiune Sugihara in Kaunas, Samogitian Art Museum, Nelimarkka Museum (Alajarvi, Finland ), British Museum (London) and others. His works are in private collections in Germany, Italy, Israel, Japan, Sweden, USA and elsewhere.

"Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made". John1,3


2007 Visual Art Foundation Premium of Doc. Genovaite Kazokiene.
2005 International Art Medal Competition "H. K. Andersen - 200". Tel Aviv, First Prize.
2003 - 2004 Individual Stipend of Lithuania Respublic Ministry of Culture.
2002 International Art Medal Competition \"Animus. Spiritus. Violin\",Tel-Aviv, Special Prize.
1997 Fifth Triennial of Medal Art in Lithuania Award.
1992 medal - competition for Ch. Sugihara, Vilnius , First Prize.
1989 - 1995 - 1998 - Second, Third and Forth Triennial of Medals of Baltic States. Award.
1989 Medal Competition for P. Galaune, Kaunas, Second Prize.
1989 International Quadrennial Of Medals, Kremnica, Slovakia, Award
1989 Medal Competition for K. Donelaitis, Vilnius, Third Prize.
1984 Baltic Art Triennnial in Ryga - Prize of Latvia Architects

Doc. Remigija Vaitkutė

Prof. Laima Kėrienė

Licentiat of arts

Doc. Beata Zdramytė

Lect. Albertas Gedvilas

Specialist for practical teaching of students

Vytautas Domkus, master

Doc. Osvaldas Neniškis

Manager of study of applied sculpture
Works of students

Born in 1958 in Town Svėdasai in Anykščiai district.
In 1969-1976 learned in Vilnius secondary school of M.K.Čiurlionis.
In 1982 graduated from Vilnius state institute of arts, made speciality of artist – sculptor educator.
Since 1982 works in Telšiai technicum of applied arts (later Telšiai higher school of applied arts, now – VAA Telšiai faculty of arts).
Prepared programme of study of applied sculpture, teaches sculpture, composition and technology, plastic anatomy, renovation of monuments, conducts final works of bachelor.
In 2008 the name of docent was bestowed.
A member of Lithuanian Artists' Association since 1999.
Takes part in creative camps of sculptors since 1983 in Lithuania and abroad.
Main part of creative works consists of memorial objects created in region of Samogitia.

Lect. Gintaras Gailius

Works of students

Born in 1960 in Telšiai district.
In 1975-1979 studied in Telšiai technicum of applied arts.
In 1983-1989 studied in department of sculpture in Vilnius academy of arts.
Since 1991 is a lecturer of Telšiai higher school of applied arts (VAA Telšiai faculty of arts since 1998).
Takes part in exhibitions since 1985.

Doc. Mindaugas Šimkevičius

Works of students

Born in 1974 in Telšiai.
In 1995 graduated from Telšiai higher school of applied arts, made a speciality of sculpture.
In 2003 graduated from VAA Telšiai faculty of arts (programme of design, metal art).
In 2007 finished master's degree programme of sculpture () in Vilnius academy of arts. Final work: „10 memento plates“. Theorical work: „Language and art (philosiphic, linguistic and historic aspects)“.
Since 2006 works in VAA Telšiai faculty of arts in department of metal plastic.
Since 2007 works in Telšiai school of arts.
Teaches sculpture in study of juweller and smithery, composition and technology in study of applied sculpture, conducts summer practise, final works.

Takes part in exhibitions since 1994.

Lect. Marius Norkus

Specialist for practical teaching of students

Doc. Vytautas Matulionis

Lect. Giedymin Piotr Jablonski

Lect. Albinas Jukumas

Lect. Neringa Poškutė

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